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Hold It: Are You Breathing Like A Baby?

Posted by Rachel Fox on

How Learning To Breathe Again Could Just Change Your Life

Sleeping baby wrapped in a blue blanket, with arms up and a relaxed little smile. Image by Stephanie Pratt from

Are you breathing like a baby? You should be!

A newborn instinctively knows how to breathe, filling their belly with every breath. It's something so basic we don't even think about it. But most of us have forgotten how to do it properly. 

Every Breath You Take

Take a minute and notice your breathing. Are you breathing through your nose or your mouth? Do you hold your breath without even realising?

Think about why we breathe. To get oxygen, right? Simple. So every time we don't take a full breath, we are shortchanging our oxygen supply.

Just think what you could be doing with all that oxygen!

And there's more to it than that. Not breathing properly actually puts your body under stress. A constant state of stress.

But don't panic. This one can be an easy fix, with a bit of practice.

Get It in Your Belly

Let's go back to our newborn for some lessons.

We need to think about filling our belly with air. The easiest way to practice is to lie down on the floor. Try and minimise distractions, to really focus on your body.

Place your hand on your belly.

Breathe in deeply though your nose. Feel your belly expand as it fills with air.

Exhale slowly through your mouth, and feel your belly contract.

Easy as that!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Of course it's easy when you are lying on the floor, focusing on nothing else. What about when you are walking around? Talking? Trying to get the kids to listen?

Like anything else, it takes practice. You need to teach your body again how you want it to work. And just like driving, practice enough and it will become automatic.

Remembering to practice is always harder than it sounds though!

Try to set times each day to spend 2-5 minutes focusing on breathing. What times work best for you? First thing in the morning, lunchtime, before bed? The more you fit in, the easier it will get.

Or set a reminder on your phone. There are also many apps you can use to remind you and support you to improve your breathing.

Using a relaxation aid such as our Rebalancing Balms can help, as the aroma encourages deeper breathing.

Take It Outside

Woman outside in the sunshine, facing away, arms spread wide, breathing deeply

Congratulations! You're well on the way to removing a stressor you may not even have been aware of. To really amp up the benefits, get out and find some nature. Those trees are creating oxygen all the time, so go get some fresh from the source - it's free!

Join Us For A June Breathing Challenge

We are committing to better breathing this June, and seeing what changes it will bring us. Will you join us? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details on how to join in!


Rachel and Emma x




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