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It's TIme To Take Time

Posted by Rachel Fox on

Exhale, And Blow The Stress Away

Join us for a June Breathing Challenge

woman facing away facing a forest, arms spread wide enjoying the sunshine and fresh air

Learning to slow down and enjoy the present is a challenge. There is always something demanding our attention, something we need to remember, something we need to do.

It's a cycle that becomes a habit, that becomes an addiction to feeling busy and productive.

Ask yourself...

Do you feel like you're wasting time if you slow down?

Do you put off 'time out' until you have more time (never happens?)?

Do you feel anxious at the thought of doing nothing?

We do!

So let's try something new

It's going to take time and practice to become a better breather. But we are going to give it a shot.

It takes three weeks to create a new habit.

So we are committing a month to really nail that thing down. Here's some of the benefits we expect to see.

  • Calmer
  • Less likely to over-react 
  • More energy
  • Sleep better

We'll keep you updated on our progress!

10 minutes a day

We are going to start with two 5 minute intervals a day. Just 10 minutes a day to start creating a free, natural path to better health and peace of mind.

First thing in the morning is the best time to start, so we will do our first 5 minutes before we even get out of bed! And done.

Fitting in the second one is going to vary, but it helps to make a regular time, and tack it on to another habit to help remember. Lunchtime? When you brush your teeth at night? Choose a time and stick to it to make it stick!

Will you join us?

If you think you'd benefit from a bit more oxygen and a bit less stress in your life, join us! Sign up below and we'll send daily reminders and inspiration to keep breathing. And join our Facebook group (it's new!) to share how you're going

Check out our blog post for techniques and tips too!



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