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Motherhood: How Changing Nappies Changes You

Posted by Rachel Fox on

New Zealand Mums share their stories of what being a Mum means to them

two redheaded boys head towards each other inside a spiral hedge maze, each determined to be the one to push the other back

Motherhood. It's negotiating a maze, wonder and incomprehension, joy and despair.

From the moment that first babe emerges into the world, we are not responsible for only ourselves anymore! Suddenly, someone else is entirely dependent on us, and we have to find strength we never knew we had.

Motherhood can also be the loneliest time of our lives (despite never being alone!). We are sharing our experiences, because even though it is an intensely personal journey, there's nothing like shared experiences to make you feel less alone!


Beebalm Co-Founder, Mum of 2

Auburn haired mother and blond preschooler smile together at home, dressed in winter jackets

Motherhood means, from the moment of conception, my body, my life, my heart, is no longer just mine. It means not enough sleep, cold dinners and cold cups of tea, and being on-call 24/7, and endless bewilderment trying to understand the thought process of a preschooler, and days of seemingly endless cleaning of homes, faces, bottoms and noses.

And it means magic. And love. And joy.

Constantly learning, about myself, my child, and how they teach me new ways to see the world.

Being constantly surprised at how amazing and full of love and joy tiny people are.

And motherhood means finding an endless capacity for loving my child, so that even on the worst of days, nothing can beat the unconditional love between me and my child.


Beebalm Co-Founder, Mum of 3

Red haired mother squished in the background behind a laughing red haired boy and baby girl in a woollen beanie

Being a mother means, to me, never being sure of what I'm doing and just having to accept that! Having three very different children at different stages is a constant brain juggle.

Over time, I have learned to let a lot go, and trust the process for each of them. There's no right way to parent. What worked with one, is not the right thing for the next one. I still over-question every day, trying to get it right! The most important thing is to really know them, by spending time having fun and adventures together.

When I was younger, I guess I assumed I'd have more answers by now! But I'm still growing as they grow.

I'm constantly amazed by them and what they can do, these little people we created. I love when they show they are their own person, with independent thoughts and ideas.

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to walk their journey's beside them.   

What does being a mum mean to you?

Share with us in the comments or send us a message!

We love Mums - we take our hats off to everyone investing their lives into children. We value your time and your love and everything you give! We see you. It's a thankless, relentless, groundhog-day experience often.

So from us - THANK YOU! xx


Rachel and Emma x